A New Years resolution

Has anyone realize or know that every woman 's New Years resolution is to lose weight? I am just guessing really but I think I am at least 90% right hehe. Weight loss is every woman's dream. And it's very easy to gain but hard to lose weight. When I was in college I was not thinking of losing or gaining weight because for me I was just the normal college girl very tiny and busy with extra curricular activities in school. When I got my job  I started to gain weight here and there. But when I reached in the middle of my 30's oh my goodness I started to panic because  I realized that it's so hard to lose those extra pound!!
When I get here in the US I found out that there are so many pills to help lose weight. So I bought weight loss pills and it did worked. Of course,  if we wanted to lose weight we should also have to eat the right food and do exercise. Because it will very much make help the metabolism work well. For me a best weight loss pills should every woman's priority should I say, because it does help our self confidence better and it does makes us feel good. To feel good to our self is rewarding because I do believe that when a woman is happy our man is happy too ^_^.


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