More glamour in my New Year

Guest post written by Kylie Richardson

I think that it's important to treat yourself well because if you don't you can't expect anyone else to do so. That includes how you feel about yourself, but I think that part of that is taking care of yourself on the outside because everyone deserves that. I've been slacking on that lately because of all the busy times I've had over the holidays, but I made a New Year's resolution to start dressing a little more glamorously as a treat to myself.
Now, I'm not going to start wearing sequins to work, even though that would be kind of fun, but I went online with my High speed internet to get some ideas about ways I could subtly glam up my makeup.
Also, part of my glamorous fashion resolutions is to just include little details in the way that I dress everyday. I think the easiest way to do that is with my accessories, like wearing chandelier earrings to work with some of my regular business casual clothes. Those little details are just great little pick me ups.


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