So busy!!

My first time to set here in front of my lappy since 10:00 am. Went to the library for a computer class. Yup our library has a free Microsoft Word 2007 class for 3 sessions. This morning was the start and the second class will be next two weeks. I don't have a Microsoft Word 2007 here in my lappy. I am not into writing like students do  for in blogging we only directly write our post here in our blog. But to know how this Microsoft Word 2007 works is a good thing since sometimes I make  flyers for friends or make my own labels. I checked my lappy if a Microsoft word 2007 is downloaded, it's not! Oh gush! Then I looked at if I could download it, yup I can but it takes like 300++ MB I don't have memory for that for now. I need to put all my pictures to a flash drive so I could free a lot of my lappy's memories. 


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