Looking for a cheap ink?

Do you wonder how to find cheap ink? I am a cheap shopper and before I go buy something I had to look around if somehow I could find a good deal to anything. Or I would look around to see what's the average cost of a certain stuff that I am looking for. The other day my DH was printing on something and it made our printer out for ink. Our printer has two inkjet cartridges, it's black and colored so I looked at the cabinet if I have stocked it somewhere but where ever I looked I couldn't find any, except the colored one. I could not change  just the color cartridge because it has to be the two of them. So I immediately went online and order printer ink. It was a fast one because in the website the ink was already segregated according to what kind or model is your printer.
Actually a friend of mine gave this site to me and as  usual checked on it immediately. Not until that day that I did shopped at their site and it makes me feel happy because they have a pretty good deal on their printer ink. Few years ago I went to this huge office supply store and they had this bag that you could fill all your inkjet cartridges and order for a refill. That makes me wonder because what if they fill it half full and you pay it full, it would not be fair right? But I have quite a few of empty cartridges that I keep so I could give it to an office supply store for recycling. By that I could help a good cause.


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