Busy day yesterday

Yesterday I was kind of busy and the weather didn't cooperate well. It was snowing the whole day so the road is not nice at all. I went to my friends house to meet some Filipino women for a lunch since one of our friend and her family are going to China to live there for 2 years. At 2:30 pm off I go because at 4:30 pm I have a catechist meeting and dinner. I was at the church until 7:00pm. It did feel good we talked about this years activities and to have a dinner with fellow catechist is also nice. I came home really full but have to do some blogging on the other side when I hopped on bed I didn't slept immediately I watched tv until around 11:00pm whewww! That was a long day I guess.

Now our temperature is 18F still snowing I hope the road is not that bad. Had to go out later to go some errands and then back to blogging later. Oh by the way, I am doing my laundry at this time so I have to go and take care of this chore ^_^


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