Property in Australia

This year I was invited to a 30th year High School reunion. I didn't realize that's how many years since I graduated high school?  It seems like everything just happened yesterday. So the committee started to looked for our classmates who lives locally and abroad. As I chatted with some of my former classmates and batchmates in the internet we found out that many of my classmates lived and worked in Australia now. It seems cool and I didn't knew it until this time.
The other day one of my high school friend found me in one of the social network. I was so glad I found her too and I asked her where she lives now. She told me she lives in Australia. I told her that I so love to visit this country since I heard good things about it. She said I could come anytime and I could stay at her house wohooo!!. Her husband worked in a Real Estate business and she told me that if I like to look for a certain Property there she is so glad to show it around. She is always so sweet since high school and she is still now. 
I knew that Australia is like one continent and they also have four seasons like here in the US so I asked her which place is better to live and if I could find a good place close to a beach. She just laugh at me because she told me I could definitely find what I want since Australia is a diverse country. Right now she said there are many Land for Sale that if I want to build my own house I can do it. 

After we chatted online I think about it. I like Australia but hubby is not a person who likes to travel abroad. I was thinking what if we are just going to find Houses for Rent and just look around. If he likes the place then that's the time to look do the second part of the plan. Right now I am excited that I hooked up again with my bestfriend in high school. So nice to see her and her family down there and hopefully get to meet them someday.


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