Go for gold!

Hubby loves to watch business news and every time he watch it he paid a lot of attention to how much is the gold now. Since our economy plunges all the commodities and stocks goes down too. But the gold goes up! Some thought it will goes down but many thought it will go up and it does.  I once asked hubby if it's really hard to invest in gold and if there are a lot of scams out there. He said that an investor should see to it that the company or broker  that he is going to put his investment is approved or legitimate. And also he told me that to buy gold as an investment we have to find what Bullion meant. It is very important that we are also educated to what is going on with our investment for it means money from the investor. The other day he checked how much is the Gold Bullion now and his eyes popped out it goes up again, amazing!!
Two of my husbands cousin are going to retire soon and they are talking about Gold IRA and how to Buy Gold. They are amazed just how the price goes up amidst the bad economy. Hubby told them to checked some sites and to get inform is a must. He also suggested to talk to anybody and just gather a lot of information so not to get frustrated at the end. But hubby do really encourage them to buy gold even to the young people in our family. He told them it's better to put the hard earned money to a gold than other commodities or stocks, which for me is a good advice.


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