Animated stories from the New Testament

This coming Tuesday at my catechism class I am going to teach the kids about  prayer and love. Last week we had the catechist meeting and our rel. ed. chairman showed us the new animated stories from the old and new testament. I found out very good to share it to kids. I even thought about buying some of it and sending it back to the Philippines for my nieces and nephew. I think this kind of movie is the BEST thing to let the kids and even adults to watch often. Even if it is animated it made me misty eyed, the music is very good too. We read the bible often and we knew the stories but it's nice to see it in animation too. Each DVD only takes 30 minutes to play and this comes from NEST family entertainment. So if anyone of you is interested try to search it online if they have a website. This is the best gift to give to your children. 

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