Window reflections

                                         Though it's cold but the sun is out makes it a bit nicer.
It was snowing hard the other day and I still manage to take a reflection of the sunset ^_^
                                 Was watching the tv when I noticed the reflection at the window.
                                                Linking this post to Weekend Reflection 


James said…
I love the top one! Really nice reflection!
Sylvia K said…
Lovely reflections, Kim! I, too, really love the first one, too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said…
Oh the top one is fantastic!
EG Wow said…
Wonderful reflection in the car window!
Serendipity said…
I really love the top shot!
George said…
The reflection in car window is beautiful. Great capture.
Kay L. Davies said…
The first one is beautiful, and the second one is fun! A great combination!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Carletta said…
The reflection of the tree and the sunset in the window is a wonderful capture!
Sure looks cold though. :)
Ann said…
This is like watching TV

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