Sun is up

Woke up around 9:00 ish and as I always do I checked outside through the window I smile because it's not snowing and aside from that the sun is up. What makes me don't want to go out is because the temperature is about 6F and that is bitterly cold. It will froze my butt right there lol!!!
I looked at our driveway thanks goodness it's plowed. And our deck which I shovel yesterday there is no snow and that makes me happy. But looking at our stock of wood there is a few left but it is easy hubby and I could get a wood in the wood shed and it's back to full. This afternoon will be the last religious education class at the church. We had a program called Jesse tree and I haven't had this experience this activity so I am excited. Now got to go for awhile had to do some house hold chores ^_^


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