Jewelry stand for my daughter

Guest post written by Colleen Parks

I always get so frustrated with my daughter because she doesn't take care of the things that she has. I guess that she never has. She's always been one to throw her shoes, clothes and jewelry around any which way without thinking about it. Then when they get messed up, she complains about it. Now that she's an adult and lives by herself in her apartment it isn't just her room that's like that, it's her whole apartment.
So I thought that I'd give her the gift of organization this year for Christmas. I went online with my ClearWirelessInternet4g looking for storage solutions specifically for her jewelry. I thought that was probably the most important thing to address first.
But with her, I knew that I would have to find a really cute DIY jewelry stand to give her or else she wouldn't actually use it. I thought that it would look even nicer once she put all of her beautiful jewelry on it. I think that she's really going to like this gift and might give her a little more enjoyment out of what she has.


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