My Kia Sorento

Yesterday we had our first snow storm. Fortunately, it's Sunday so we had to go to the church attend mass. It was bitterly cold. After church we had to picked up my DH friend at his church and we went out for lunch. My food is not that great it's so bland and the weather outside is too bad I don't have any feeling of excitement. But when I looked outside the window I saw this beautiful car the new KIA Sorento. Hubby once asked me why I like huge car I guess because it's huge and I feel safe in big car. I elbowed my hubby immediately and told him I wish Santa will give that car to me I would be the happiest wife!! ^_^
This morning we had a lot of snow and as I was juggling if I will go out to shovel the snow on the deck or not the phone rang. It was my cousin who lives in Chicago. She told me that today just a bad day for her, her car got broke in this kind of weather. She told me in this kind of weather she thinks of changing her car to a new one. She is close to a Kia Dealer in Chicago and so I told her why not go there and look around. And if she find a good deal why not ditch her old car and get a new one? She loves the idea though and told me that she already told her friends about her plan and many of her friends told her that this dealer they had a  Schedule Service Online which is great for working women. And aside from that they always have a new car inventory. So after listening to her I did encourage her to go and visit. Right now I am waiting for her call and would be excited for her if she got a new car. Crossing my fingers!


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