The first snow fall

Yes!! The first snow fall is here. We thought it would come last Thanksgiving day but it didn't happened the weather man was wrong on his prediction at that time. So it's December 1 and the first snow fall is here it's kind of feeling Christmas is here. But unfortunately I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet I had a hard time figuring out where to put it. But before I wrote this post I looked at a one corner of the house and voila I know that's the spot for our Christmas tree this year.
Yesterday I had my Catechism class for my 3rd grade kids. My lesson yesterday was about Hail Mary and for that I told them about the Annunciation and the Visitation. I love my kids because they listened and they can answer all my questions right. In the middle of our activity Father Gerry came in and he saw what the kids are doing. He saw the Hail Mary prayer pasted on each kids colored paper. So he started to questions them and thankfully they answer them right. I was happy!!
Today, I will be attending Women's Advent Tea at the church. It's my first time to join this event and I am so excited. After this event  I am sure that next year I will invite more women in my family and friends to attend this event. For now I will check all my Christmas decoration and I think took pictures outside, hmmm will see.


Ella said…
winter wonderland again in that part of the world =)

Have a Sugary day!
~~~ ~~~
~~~ ~~~
Eelynn @ Babies said…
Winter is a bit cold. But I like snow and winter sport, especially skiing.
George said…
I'm not quite as enthusiastic about the arrival of snow as your are. But it does look beautiful when it first falls.

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