Thirsting for Memories

Written by Sonny Quinn

The air was crisp, leaves had long finished falling from the trees and the ground was lightly covered in snow. As I readied our home for the upcoming Christmas holiday, I thought ahead to what this season meant to me.
At Christmastime we'd be in touch with some family and friends that for the previous eleven months had been like strangers to us. It would be so good to catch up with those you know and love. We'd laugh and cry... relive past memories and in the process, make new ones.
And the food! We'd go all out to make scrumptious dishes and Christmas treats that are only part of the menu at this special time of year. I found myself wondering how much longer I'd have to wait to find my favorite Christmas treat back in the stores.
Later as I was going through boxes of Christmas decorations in the middle of our living room floor, my attention was drawn to an advertisement picked up by our satellite tv channels provider... a bright and sunny screen featuring my long awaited favorite... eggnog! There's nothing like that sweet rich flavor and the smooth feeling as it glides down your throat. I decided it was time to take a little break and do some grocery shopping... after all, I was feeling a bit thirsty!


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