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Hi people trick or treat is done and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving now, can you believe that?  Here in Michigan we already cool down as expected ^_^  well we had frost last night. And thought the Autumn foliage is almost done the smell of apple pies and hot cider is still hanging in the air. Living here in Michigan I have the privilege to witness the four beautiful season. And all of them are my favorites. But if somebody will ask me if I have a country that I love to visit one of my choice is Australia. 
Many of my classmates and friends live in Australia for years. One of my friend just had her vacation there and she said she loves it there. Australia is a  huge country it's a size of one continent and so if you like to see different variations of landscape and all go to Australia. Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend who lives in Australia and she told me that I am very much welcome to visit her and her family. I am so excited thinking that if I go there somebody is willing to show me around. I asked her about the fare and some hotels around. She told me that we could find online international flights through website. And there is no need for a hotel because her house is open for me and my hubby, so sweet huh!
I asked her what airlines are going to Australia and she told me  she knew several airlines that are good in service and accommodation like Qantas, Singapore airlines, Jetstar and United airlines. I also found out that in they offer a great deal and that means cheap flights, and who doesn't like to have a great vacation with less money to spend.  After all my research and looking at the website I said that is pretty good for me. Hubby and I are planning to have a great vacation next year  and on my top list is destination Australia!


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