All Saints Day! November 1

Every year the Church recalls the example, witness, and prayer of the holy women and men who have been identified by the Church as Saints. These saints  are more than just role models; they are family members with whom we continue to share relation, in a bond of prayer, called the Communion of Saints.
Every year when we celebrate this day, the gospel we proclaim recalls for us Jesus'  teaching about happiness, the Beatitudes. We quickly note in this reading that none of those Jesus names as "blessed" or "happy" are expected... the poor in spirit, the meek, the persecuted. Jesus' blueprint for happiness reflects little of what the world might call happiness.
Saints are people who lived the spirit of the Beatitudes as Jesus lived. On this day, we to are challenged to model our lives on the spirit and promises of the Beatitudes.
It is important to continue to tell these stories of saints and saintly people to our children so that they have ample models of people of faith for their own lives.


George said…
Thanks for a wonderful All Saints Day post.

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