Yes I voted!!

Today is kind of busy. I woke up early not too early and go to church to attend mass at 9:00am. It's All souls day and it's just right that I have to attend mass and offer it to all the souls departed. After the mass I had my bible study, and we do it inside the function hall of the church. So we ended up at around 11:00am then I headed home. Got home safe and sound and told hubby that we are going to vote so off we go. I was the number 386 who voted and hubby told me that it was a very good turn out and it's mid noon yet. I know a lot of people haven't voted yet because some are still working. This is my second time that I voted and I love to vote so tonight I will also wait for who will win (specially here in my state)  and so excited to know if there will be change in the landscape of Michigan!!


I voted early this year because I thought I wouldn't have a chance today because of my job. But my hubby went in around 10 our time and cast his vote and it wasn't busy.

Coffee is on
George said…
I'm glad you were excited about voting -- I hope you will continue to feel that way. I also hope the candidates you supported did well.

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