SPOT is a must!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's only like two or three years ago that hubby and I knew that there is such thing as GPS. Yes, we are very ignorant about this stuff but one time we were in the mall and somebody showed as about what is GPS means. It was really cool when we knew what it served us so we are kind of okey, we might get it if we have extra money. That was two or three years ago.

Now, hubby and I are looking for a SPOT Satellite GPS messenger   that is easy and to manage and not too hard handle. You see I love photography and when I am in the middle of the woods or park I just get lost so easily because I just wonder around and I don't have a cellphone! That is when hubby told me that I need to have some kind of GPS! When he told his concern for me to his brother, his brother told him to get   SPOT Satellite GPS messenger messenger he says that I would surely like it.

Hubby immediately told me about the product and I looked at it in their website and I so loved it. I told hubby I love to have this for Christmas! This product is really good, I can go in the middle of woods or park without worrying if I get lost because this GPS work any where! Even in another country can you believe that? And one more thing this SPOT Satellite GPS messenger  has a bonus for everybody and that's there Bonus Adventure kit which consist of 15% discount code, flotation case, micro led flashlight, safety whistle, carabiner keychain, lanyard, and a safety tips bandana, isn't it the best??!!! For sure those who love indoor activities will love it.  And for our safety this product is worth buying.

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