Our First Broadway Play

Guest post written by George Winthrop

I haven’t been to New York City since I was 19, and now that I’m 63, I can see how things have changed. It’s absolutely phenomenal! My wife and I came to the city to bring more excitement into our lives. After retirement, things became so quiet around the house. We knew we had to do some traveling to stay sane. We’ve always wanted to go Broadway production, and lucky for us, the famous West Side Story is still around. We have plans to see it tonight, and I must say that I’m very excited. I hear there isn’t a bad seat in the theater, and with my new hearing aids from www.miracleearhearingaids.net, I should really be able to hear every note in the musical.
Before heading to the show we plan to go to a local bagel place and finally try a real New York Bagel with sliced lox. Many years ago, my father ate them when he lived in Long Island, and said that they were the best things he’d ever had. In remembrance of him, that’s something I’ll have to do. It’s great being in New York. It has really spiced things up for the Mrs. and me.


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