Price of gold

Are you fun or familiar with these business channels? Before I am not but since hubby always watch this kind of channel on tv I don't have any choice but to watched it too. For this past few years we noticed how the price of gold escalate dramatically. And it's not decreasing rather it's increasing all the time. I have heard all the time on tv in this commercials about buying gold because gold price will go up but for some people they think that it won't but it was proven wrong as the months and years unfold it increases all the time.
My DH uncle is into buying gold for quite a time now and he is the one who told all his relatives and friend to invest in gold than other commodities or stocks. I think some did follow his advice but some I think didn't. The time when he encourage his friends and relatives to invest gold the gold prices at the time is below $1000 per ounce I think. That time people had money to invest because the economy at that time 10 years ago is good. Everybody has work and money is easy. Now that everybody is tightening up each own belt because of what happened to our economy it's kind of hard to invest such expensive investment. But my DH uncle has this mentality that if everybody can do it why can't we. 
That's why yesterday we were at the restaurant and they were talking about gold and investing on it. My DH Uncle still believe that a certain gold spot is available to us anytime. It is only up to us where to find that spot gold so we could invest well. I think and I do believe that gold is the best way to invest our money. So friends invest your money now.


goldtracker said…
Hi Kim, the price of gold is definitely a hot topic. I was looking through news today to see what's going on with the $20 price jump of gold and trying to figure it out. I track the spot price with the free app ExactPrice. You might check it out for keeping track. It's free and in real time. I'm always pulling it up on my cell.

I was surprised to see one report that gold had topped and was heading back to $1,000. I certainly don't believe that. Too many people trying to pick it up when it dips.

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