Personal: Catechism day

Every  Tuesday I kind of busy because in the afternoon it's my catechism day. I have to prepare myself too. I had to read the lesson of the day and also prepare the activity. I love teaching kids most specially it's about God and values. I remember my first time to teach catechism is with 4th year high school in a public school in the Philippines. In the Philippines it takes at least 50 students in one section or room. So how to get all their attention and to listen to you is up to you hehe. It's a challenge but when I enter the school room I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me because if it's only me I can't tackle all the challenges that will take in an hour.
Now with my 8 kids it's fun and I am thankful that they are attentive and so eager to listen. And when I asked them something they always had a right answer. I remember in one verse of the bible that what we can do is to plant a mustard seed. That's what I always put in my mind to plant a mustard seed into their innocent heart and spirit and let God take care of it all. 


George said…
I think it's wonderful that you give up your time and talent to teach Catechism each Tuesday.

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