Deck the halls with blue and silver

Guest post written by Josie Howard

When we redecorated the dining room, I didn't choose to decorate it with blue and silver, the colors of Hanukkah on purpose. It just kind of happened because all the stuff that I picked out that I had envisioned for the room ended up being in that color category.
Now we call our dining room our Hanukkah room and my husband jokes that I don't really need to put out anything for Hanukkah except for a menorah. But I disagree. I like to decorate some of the other rooms of the house. I was online looking for some new decorations for other parts of the house when I came across the site and read through some of it. I'm showing it to my husband and am going to push for us to change our internet service over to it.
I did find some Hanukkah dŽcor that would be great in our living room because I'd love to put holiday stuff all over our house and not just in our dining room!


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