My six years in MI

Yesterday was my six years here in the US. I remember when hubby and I get off from the airport arrival area it was so cold. It was my step daughter D who meet us at the airport and it's my first time to see her too. Well I saw here on webcam but in person that was the first. Anyway, I don't know what to expect and don't know that to think and feel I was happy. Heading home we stopped by at Sam's Club I didn't know which Sam's club was that but I was surprised how huge the place is.
After our little trip at Sam's Club we headed home. When we get there I was greeted by my MIL and SIL. We went inside to her house and we talked. I can't forgot what my SIL told me, she told me that  she was happy and thankful that I come and that she prayed for us,  and that she see her son is happy with me and that she is happy. That time she is already suffering cancer. Then we went to the next house and that's were we lived now. After two days we had a house warming and everybody came and gave something for us. I was happy and overwhelmed that I don't feel that I am left out or unloved.
Six years I am I gained weight, become a US citizen, know how to drive, and most of all I am loved, spoiled and treated like a Queen!! Can't ask more for that!! Loving it!


George said…
It's wonderful that you have such happy memories of your arrival here in the U. S.

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