Dave's New York

Yes!! One more day and it's Thanksgiving day. Hubby and I decided not to have dinner at our home this year instead we are going to visit some of his children this year. We already had at least  three invitation hehe. Last night I talked to my step-daughter and she told me that she had  surprise gift for his Dad. I was curious so I asked her what is it. She told me that when she was here at the house and she saw her Dad wearing that old work boots she decided to buy him one from Timberland Pro. It's the site she always go when shopping for her husbands work boots. 
After I talked to her I went to visit the website and I am surprised how many choices you can get from Timberland Pro.  As I browse around I found out that they have jeans for men too. I screamed (in silence hubby is by my side watching tv) thinking that this is the site that I should buy jeans for hubby. You see growing up I knew that Levis 501 and Levis 514 are the best jeans for men and women. I remember that when somebody wear this two Levis jeans every would say ohhhh and ahhhhs. I knew too that quality wise they are on top of the line. 
So last night I decided to add jeans for hubby in my Christmas list. I am thankful I don't have to buy the work boots his daughter will buy it for me hehe. But for the jeans I will do it for myself since I knew his waist line and what kind of fit he wants. Hubby will for sure be surprised to find how many gifts he would unwrap this Christmas day. For now I would love to tell everybody Happy Thanksgiving day!


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