Why I love my DVR

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

DVR is, in my opinion, the greatest media invention since the Television. The ability to record my favorite TV shows when I can't watch them is a Godsend. I am always on the movie and always busy, so sometimes television is put on the back burner. But whenever I know I'm not going to be home, I just hit that little red button on my remote and make sure my favorite show will be recorded and waiting for me when I get home.
Action shows, drama, comedies, sports, and wrestling. Those are my favorites and I have all of them recorded on my DVR. This way, I can watch the shows on my own time and pause, rewind, and fast forward when I need to. This comes in handy especially when wanting to rewatch that crazy play when I'm watching sports.
Using my satellite TV service from CableTelevision.net to watch great programming was already great. The advent of having access to your own personal DVR to record and watch that programming whenever you want, any way you want, makes it even better. I don't think I could live without my DVR.


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