I have been asked last week how big or small are my Dahlias. Thankfully the yellow one my Aunt took a measurement tape and measure it. And the other day I also measure my smallest Dahlia.

                                                                     About 7 inches.
                                                                Less than 2 inches
I still can see blossoms but I doubt it if the flowers could make it. We already had frost at night. I just wonder how to keep this plants from dying in Winter. My step-daughter told me to re-plant it in a pot and my Aunt says dig the tubes and keep it. I search online and I found one solution cut the stem and the roots should be covered with a lot of leaves. And I think I will do that. ^_^

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They are so sweet and special at any size. Beautiful colors. Replanting would be a great idea. They are pretty hardy flowers.
Lui said…
They are so dainty pala! I hope you can preserve them.
Your dahilia are sure pretty. We have to dig them up here and store them in cool area.

Coffee is on
Ann said…
How did you get such a big dahlia? you use some rooting powder?
Jama said…
Wow, those dahlias are so huge!

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