What a very good day today.

Yesterday we build our fire...we had a fire stove because it's too cold. We thought that  the weather would be like this and it's kind of a bummer because it's still early in Fall. Later in the afternoon the temperature rise up and thankfully the temperature stays on top where I like. Today it's the best weather again, I love that this will stay like this until this weekend because hubby and I is thinking of going somewhere to see the colors of Fall.


George said…
We had a fire in our fireplace last night and it really felt good.
I like your picture of the autumn color beginning to appear along the road.
Vernz said…
talaga malamig na diyan sa inyo ... well, ang pinas naman dalawang season lang ... hope to see photos of yours in snow later... hehehe..

thanks again manang kim.

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