Doing some laundry

Nice day today again. I am having a laundry marathon and even if it's only me and my hubby but I have a lot of clothes to wash I don't how does it happened lol!! And because outside is windy and the sun is out I have to save some electric bills I put the clothes outside to dry, how is that huh??? Hubby was laughing when he saw me trying to reach our clothes line, so I called him to help me of course, that stopped him from laughing hehehehe! I made him do the remaining work of putting the clothes on the cloth line what the heck I am still busy at the laundry room lol! In between laundry, I am blog hopping and at the same time playing games in Facebook, whew what a multi tasker I am !! Okie dokie got to go again.


George said…
You are a wonderful multi-tasker! It's nice of your husband to help with the laundry.

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