Traveling for business over the last twenty years

Posted by Gaylord Campbell
I am the type of person that just can't sit still for very long. I believe I have inherited this from my father. He traveled extensively in his line of business and I have carried on the trait of staying-on-the-go so to speak. My job has me traveling five days out of seven every week. I am a route salesman. I never worry about being gone long hours every day because I always engage my home security alarm, installed by Houston Adt security, before I leave the house.
I love my job because over the years I have developed excellent business relationships with store managers plus I get to meet and interact with different people at every stop. I have the type of personality that allows me to chat easily with everyone I meet which is a character trait I inherited from my mother. I seem to naturally find the silver lining in things and this has been a positive influence in making my business so successful. Friends say that I am definitely in the right line of business for my personality. I am very fortunate that both of my parents have given me traits that have allowed me to do what I love.
My product is a hot seller, so my route keeps me hopping. Since my product vanishes off store shelves so quickly, it has afforded me quite a nice living over the years.


Toyin O. said…
good for you! Sounds like you are doing well for yourself!

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