After all the rain last few days ago our sky is a bit gloomy. Thankfully our temperature didn't plunge it very low that we experienced a bit comfortable weather. 
Every time it rained it's already my habit to go outside and look what's going on. I tried to look for a spider web but lately I haven't seen any. I guess because we have an osage tree that many says will keep out spiders? Or it's because they don't like our place, hehe. 
Anyhow, when I went out the other day I still see droplets still hanging for there dear life. I started to take a photo of them and when I see the results I am amazed how beautiful it is. This then makes me think of buying a good macro lens. Well, I have wrote Santa Claus already that I need two kinds of lens and just do hope that Santa Claus has money this year hehehe.


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