Movie marathon

Right now I am multi-tasking. Aside from blogging I also am doing some laundry and at the same time watching movie marathon on tv. Well since it's a Halloween weekend the movie is all about scary stuff, paranormal or unexplained mysteries. Every time I watched like this kind of movie I also get jumpy hahaha. I always told hubby not to scare me because all my senses is open to all things that makes me jump lol! Hubby one time told me why do I have to watch this movie when I get so scared after? I told him it's the thrill that makes it so exciting.
One time I was alone watching scary movie when hubby from behind poke my back. I was so mad at him!! I didn't talked to him for several hours. Now he don't do it anymore he don't like my silent treatment hehe! It's scarier than any scary movie!! LOL!


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