I have never seen so much candy in my life, lol!! It's only here in the US that candy is related to every celebration. The other day I was grocery shopping and I've seen that some candies are on sale. In this my picture what I like in this is the corn candy hehe. Though I couldn't say that I have a sweet tooth but I try not to over eat candies. I took this picture because I love the color of it, it looks very festive to me. Tomorrow hubby and I is going to walk around the village to see kids and not so kids doing the trick and treat. I love to take picture of their beautiful costume as well as eating some of the candies.
A friend of mine asked me if I go halloween party tonight, nope I am not going to any halloween party because a bunch of my relatives will watch basketball games. But if I will go to a halloween party I would love to be a giant chocolate pretzel ,what you think of that???


RyHeAnNe said…
Wow dami naman Candy, tooth ache ang labas. Ingatz lang Manang Kim if pupunta ka sa party baka makagat ka doon kung hindi bata eh langgam. Hehehe..Happy Halloween!

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