Rain Chains

Wow it's Tuesday again and we are almost in the middle of the week and I am so surprise how time flies so quick. I just came from the church, we had this bible study every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. And today is our first meeting for this year bible study. There are many new faces and not so new and we are thankful that our group keep on growing. Before the  bible study started I walked around the church and took a lot of picture and what captures my attention is the gutter rain chain that somebody put in every corner of the building.  It is so pretty I can't help but look at it up close. Somebody noticed me hehe and she walked towards me and we had  a good talk about her garden and mine and how she is crazy about rain chains. I didn't know later that she became my seatmate. After the class she invited me to visit her so she could show me her garden rain chains and Japanese rain chain that she just purchase. It was so nice of her to invite me and I found out that she is not that far from me so anytime from now I would visit her and see her rain chains.
Actually, it's not my first time to see rain chain in fact I first saw it from my friends house and hers is copper rain chains.  I was in her house one time when it start to rain so hard. When I look out from the window I saw at the edge of her gutter a copper rain chain and it impresses me. Looking at the rain ripple down the rain chain makes me feel relax and calm plus a fact that I love rain that's make me think I have to get one or two. ^_^


George said…
I've seen rain chains on a few homes, and have found them interesting. I wonder how well they work during a heavy rain.
eileeninmd said…
How neat, it would be nice to watch the rain thru the chains.

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