Problem in drywall

This past few days we had storm and thankfully we are not hit. But we experienced a gush of wind that I am so glad the huge willow tree next to our house is trimmed down. Because if not I would have a panic attacked! The wind is like a roaring lion get me so scared I am ready to go to the basement. In our basement it is well  drywall and only 2 small windows, I couldn't hear any sound when I am in the basement.
Anyway, my friend who lives in Florida has always a problem with their drywall. She think that the contractor didn't do their job well. She told me that they already spend a lot of money trying to figure it out what to do with their drywall. So I told her to look for somebody who could help her drywall Chinese made into not a problem anymore. I heard one time in the news that this kind of drywall is nothing but crap. And it doesn't passed the quality of standard here in the US. So I told her they had the right to do something drastic and it should be now.


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