Trick or treating preparation

Guest post written by Caitlin Carlson

Our housing development is a huge jackpot for trick or treaters, so we always have to buy tons of candy every Halloween in preparation for all of them. In years past I've tried to count how many trick or treaters we get, but I always give up after about 100 or so. But I'm glad that a lot of people do bring their kids here because the development is in a good part of town and there havenÕt been any Halloween safety problems.
The other day when I was online and thinking about how much candy I needed to buy when I went to the grocery store later that day, I ran across some deals for a satellite internet company that I thought would be a good fit for us in comparison to the bad service we've been using for a couple of years, so I decided to click now and switch over to it.
Another part of our neighborhood that I think makes it safer is that a lot of people park their cars and then walk with their kids to the house, which definitely makes for safe trick or treating instead of driving around more with the possibility of hitting trick or treaters they can't see.


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