Dodgers baseball

This guest post from Mickey Garza

Even though I no longer live in my home town of LA, I still catch all the Dodger games thanks to satellite TV from The MLB package allows me to catch every game I want and more.
Coming off a division title with no real rivals in sight, I was really looking forward to this upcoming season. Sadly, the season took a turn for the worse when the Dodgers star slugger, Manny Ramirez, struggled to get healthy from injuries and was eventually traded away to the Chicago White Sox for salary reasons. It was a tough year for the Dodgers as they placed 4th in a 5 team division.
I was pretty bummed when I figured out that they weren't going to make a run at the pennant race this season. Especially after they made so many trade deadline moves like picking up starting pitcher Ted Lilly from the Chicago Cubs and Scott Podsednik from the White Sox. On the bright side, it looked like they found something in all-star reliever Hong-Chih Kuo and Clayton Kershaw. Hopefully, after a disappointing season this year, their young hitters will be able to turn it around next year.
On top of a rough season, it looks like manager Joe Torre is going to be retiring from the team this season. I think their hitting coach, Don Mattingly, is going to take over the reins next season.


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