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It's the time again when you wish what you gonna get this Christmas. I have listed two things already and I know there would be more to come. Well last Thursday two of my step-daughters came by after their bible study at church.  Hubby is happy when his children came by to visit him and that day he was glad that they came. They were inside the house when I noticed that they are carrying something. I asked D what it was and she told me it's a  Playstation. I was so excited to play with it and so my step-daughter attached it to our tv and then we started to play. I had so much fun that I was sweating a lot!
I remember when I was small we don't have this kind of luxury. We play with our neighbors and make our own toy. But this generation they have all the things they need within their reach. Last night while I chatted my niece in the Philippines she told me if I could buy a new Playstation MoveI didn't knew what it was at first but when she told me it's a new Playstation I knew then what she was talking about. So I shared to her what happened last Thursday and told her I had a lot of  fun and most of all it can be a good family activity. I told her then that I would give it to her this Christmas and she was so happy. My family in the Philippines would love this game for sure. After I chatted with my niece I checked again the website and found out that the games that I am so excited to play are all there like Bowling, Aqua Panic, Wheel of Fortune and Fishing Frenzy!! Yup I like those games because for me it's fun and easy. But for the Wheel of Fortune it's hubby's choice. Anyway, I showed hubby more about Playstation I told him that it take to a new level now.
With a  motion gaming exclusively for PlayStation®3 it takes only $99 with the MOVE bundle package! How cool is that! Going back to our play time last Thursday we played bowling and golf. We also dance and we just laughed. I enjoyed playing the Playstation it's one way of making the family members become close and just have fun.

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