Lucky Autumn leaf

Before all the leaves fall down hubby and I went for a drive. As we drove I took a lot of pictures and we came to this gravel road and it's hilly. But along the road the trees turned into super beautiful color. So hubby stopped and I went out and walked at the same time taking pictures. It was so quite and I was in the middle of the road, then I stopped and listened. That moment I heard the most beautiful sound of nature. The falling of leaves can make a sound!! I never knew this!! So I stand in the middle of the road and closed my eyes (hubby is watching me though) feeling the breeze of the air and hearing the sound of nature. Then I was a bit startled because something just dropped on me. The leaves!! They keep on falling and I want to take a photo but couldn't catch it well. So I didn't think of taking pictures from the falling leaves instead enjoy the moment. I then reach my left hand to catch at least one leaf and for several attempts I got my lucky Autumn leaf!! It just landed right on my left hand.  Next year I would love to do it again. Happy weekend!


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