Haunted Forest

Last night after our fish dinner hubby and went immediately to the Haunted Forest. It  starts at 7:00pm and we were there pass 7:30pm. It was already very dark but the weather is good no rain though it's a bit chilly. I dressed up well to the occasion so I was not feeling cold. I was with a group, a bunch of grown up kids and some oldies. It was our turn to go to the forest and a guide is with us. Just at the entrance I was already screaming and screaming, grrrr. We walked, I think, for almost 30 minutes and just imagine from time to time somebody spook you?? I was so horrified when suddenly on our side a man with a chain saw jump at us. I ran and grabbed somebody's jacket hehe. The most scary one is when we enter the house. It has a narrow alley like a maze and it's good for one person only so we walk in line. It's very creepy, it's too dark and somebody is behind the wall all the time. I freak out!! When we get out from the forest I was perspiring and I was speechless for awhile lol!! It's my second time to go to Haunted Forest I think I will go for a little bit more scarier?


George said…
It sounds as if this haunted forest did a good job of haunting you.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

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