Charity water

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When I visited the site of  Charity Water it dawned on me how hard it was for my family to get water 24/7. Growing up I remember my mom had to wake up early in the morning before the sun break to washed our clothes. And while washing our clothes she has to store water in a huge barrel for our consumption the whole day. And it happened like that every single day. And why is that because our city water storage can't supply the whole city 24/7. Water will come in as early as 4:00am and it will between 5:00 am to 6:00am. I also experienced fetching water at tender age. For me that time it was just normal because we grow up like that. But when I knew that when there is no water flowing inside the pipe any kind of leakage  is dangerous. Bacteria outside will come in the pipe and of course it will breed germ and will create any kind of illnesses. 

I hope that people around the world will have the luxury to have clean water. And while watching the inetvideo of their charity water initiative,  I urge friends to please donate because I believe that if everyone is happy everybody is happy.
One time I was asked what would I prefer to have electricity or water. I choose water. It's the most important matter in our life. We can't do anything without water. Water is life.
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