Gas logs

If you live here in MI you don't know what the weather is after 20 minutes. I guess I am already used to it that's why in my car I have jacket's just in case the weather drop low. Today, it's a bit chilly it says we have 44F and that is kind of cold already added to that it's windy. So I didn't get out from the house for a little walk instead I am enjoying the warm cozy feeling inside the house.
For several years we are using and buying propane gas from our local distributor and we have natural So he asked his son about what kind of log is in the fireplace and his son  told him it's  Gas logs or Fireplace gas logs. When we get home hubby immediately looked at the website about Gas logs  and most specially the Vented gas logs. He also look for the Ventless gas logs and they are for natural gas which is okey for us since we also have a natural gas line.  What hubby do like best is that it is guaranteed to have the lowest price and all the gas logs are from R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs 
After that talk with my DH son and his browsing on the internet he found out that you can call  and somebody will take your call and that there is also Gas Log FAQs specially to those people who has a fireplace and will get Gas logs. What I like with Gas logs is that we can use it with natural gas or propane gas. So for this coming Winter in order to save money and be warm use Gas logs!


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