It's the middle of the week?

Wow it's Wednesday again? How times flies it seems I just had a good weekend. This coming weekend I am looking forward for a lot of activity. Our parish church is having a Haunted Forest activity that would start this coming Friday. I told hubby I like to go in there this weekend because it's not yet that cold. One time we were in this other Haunted forest and it was too cold, the feeling of being too cold and the scary part when it became one, I told you I came out from the forest all my hair are standing hahahahaha!!
With out parish church haunted forest activity the added with a food court and a bon fire which the s'mores are free wohooo!! Then by Saturday I am going to attend my friends daughter birthday. Sunday, of course we will attend mass then in the afternoon I will be a couch potato because in my favorite LMN channel they  have a horror movie marathon and I love to watch it. So gonna go shop for popcorn, apple cider and maybe some chips. That's what I am planning to do this weekend but for now I am going to spend a good time with the weekdays first ^_^


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