Favorite online games

Well since I am an at home wifey after all the household chores are done what I am going to do but to play my online games. Frankly, speaking I am so addicted with Diner Dash and Uno. I even bought Diner Dash online ^_^ My sister in law is the one who taught me first how to play Uno because in the beginning I have a hard time figuring out the rules. But when I got the rules all in my system I can play online and play tricks to my opponent which are also hooked with the game.
Online games is so cool for me. It was my outlet not to get homesick the first time I came here in the US. By playing online somehow I got to enjoy and get my mind of from my family back home in the Philippines. And one online games that i so like lately too is Farm Frenzy I love when my level is up and get to feed all those animals and finished the chores and make money for it. Sometimes hubby complained about me playing online because I will stay almost the whole night. Well if I have a level that I want to achieve I want to finished it right away. But now I will play online games  in day time and not at night time. ^_^


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