11th Death year anniversary

This is my mom she is young when this picture was taken. I don't know if she is married or single at this time but I would tell you she married late at the age of 29. At the age of 30 she got me lol!! I looked at her picture now I looked like her somehow my nose I guess? ^_^
Today is my Mama's 11th year death anniversary. How time flies so quick I still could vividly remember those weeks the she battled life or death. It started with a pain at the back of her neck. We were at my brothers house doing some cleaning on his new house when she suddenly felt pain at the back of her neck so we immediately went to the nearest hospital. She was ambulatory when we admitted her we  didn't know after three weeks she was out in the hospital dead. 
Never thought that my mama will passed away that quick that soon, never! And so by the age of 33 I am an orphaned, with my brother and sister and one niece and one nephew.  I missed her a lot. I only can wish her and my father still here so they could see us and play their grandchildren.
Reminiscing my mama and writing here still makes me emotional and it's 11 years ago that she  is gone .  I guess time don't heal because I would never stop crying over the lose of my parents early passing in this world. There are times that I could carry the conversation without being emotional but almost all the time I cry. I think I am only normal, they are my parents and that there is something in me that is void. And I have so many wishes for them but since they are gone there would be no chance that it would be fulfill.
My mama is the most loving, forgiving, hard working, humble, simple person that I know of. She put aside her vanities (as I call it) for us. She put her family first before anything else. I was so glad that I went out from  the convent to take care of her. Those were the time that we became so close and know her more. I never regretted that the last time of her life I put her as my first priority over mine. 
Last Sunday, I asked my brother to offer a mass for her soul and all the souls departed. If I was in the Philippines I surely visit my parents grave but since I am too far away I could only say a prayer for the souls. Mama rest in peace and I so love you and I do missed you a lot!!


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