Do you own credit cards?

Growing up in the Philippines we don't have a lot of debts. The culture in my native country is that if you have credits you are most likely not given loans or people won't let you owe money. When I was already working still I am not comfortable about having  a credit card for the thought that I might blow it up. Because sometimes I also shopped till I drop. So when I go out I always paid in cash for back then in my native country that is what we all used to do.
When I get here in the US six years ago, hubby immediately get me two credit cards the Chase credit card and Citi credit card. I was surprised how thoughtful my hubby is, he knew that if I go with my friends going shopping I will used it. But then since it was my first time ever to owned or used credit cards I don't used it. I prefer to used cash because in my mind the cashier might not accept it, I will be ashamed forever. Hubby just laugh and when we go together he lets me used my credit card and soon enough I get my confidence to use it.
I know some people had multiple credit cards in their wallet I prefer two. Because for me Chase credit card and Citi credit card are the best credit cards. And why do I asked for more when they offer the best offer in town. After I read a good credit card reviews for this two credit cards I knew I am in good hands. And six years after I still have it and still loving it.


Beki Hilton said…
Hi! Love your blog! I am a new follower with no Credit Cards! I am a firm believer that if you can't buy it with cash then chances are you can't afford it!!

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