Pulse oximeter

Hubby and I had this ritual every morning it's checking our blood pressure and that goes with our pulse too. I am always envious of hubby because his vital statistics is for me perfect! While me it fluctuates like crazy. I don't have medicine that I took hubby did. But one thing that I noticed since when I was single is that I have a high pulse rate. You couldn't imagine that it's already normal for me if I have 95 pulse and if it goes down to 80's it's already glorious. I don't know if it's normal or not but it kind of worried me because it's too high and I know it's not good. A friend of mine has pulse oximeter that where ever she goes it's with her.
I always remember this adage Health is wealth and it's only that we keep an eye in what we eat we also have to have tools or machine to monitor our vital statistics and pulse oximeter for me is very important to have in our homes. I will show hubby about this tool because I know he will agree that we gonna buy this one. He is a healthy buff!!


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