Thursday Challenge: Technology

                                                  Remember those days when  a farmer woke up so early, brought a bucket and milk the cows in his/her bare hands. Now it's not!! Here is  what I saw in our county fair, milking machine. Makes a farmers life easy.
                                                          A tractor. I know some newer tractor are already out there but this one,  for years my DH family is using and it helps a lot in the tilling the farm.

                                         Hubby used  hay baler to bale the hays (of course lol!)
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magiceye said…
cool takes on the theme!
wonder how the cow feels with a machine being used to milk?!
Jama said…
It makes life easier for the farmer!
Gattina said…
All farmers have no these milk machines. I once tried to milk a cow when I was a child and she slapped me with her tail in the face ! I never milked a cow again, lol !
George said…
I spent a summer working on my uncle's farm when I was younger. He had milking machines, but we still had to get up early to use them.
I like your tractor picture.
fini said…
Technology changed things a lot!!
Anonymous said…
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