Birthday treats for all!!

Guest post written by Burt Sampson

For my 65th birthday I wanted to do something really fun and a lot out of character. I knew that I wanted to invite my friends and family to my home for the bash and the party theme came to me spontaneously done day as I was flipping through a home and lifestyle magazine. I would have a full candy bar!
I had never really heard of the theme before and I knew as soon as it came to me that it sounded like a kid’s birthday party but that’s exactly what I was going for. This would be the best open bar at a birthday party I’d ever been to. I got my granddaughter to help my pick out which treats I would feature and I ordered lots of colorful candy containers from a catalog, including serving trays and jars in all shapes and sizes. Through all of this I was thinking about how I’ve been really hard of hearing lately and go some miracle ear inhearing aids AUSTIN at the suggestion of my friends who had gone respectively to miracle ear Sacramento and miracle ear LANCASTER. I decided that it would take the them from fun to ironic if I had trouble hearing conversations with my guests.
The party is next week and I can’t wait to lay out all my candy and watch my guests feast on it!


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