Need a backup

Yesterday, I was busy browsing my pictures since last year. I selected folders of last year to put in my external hardware but to my dismay my external hardware is almost full. I was a bit panicked because of what happened last February to my other laptop. It just crashed so suddenly but so glad that the computer technician was able to retrieve some of the photos.
That is what I was thinking yesterday what if something happened again to my laptop I don't have any back up what so ever. I haven't transferred any of my photos since last December till now and I have uploaded a lot of music, I was thinking I should find a ways to do something with it. Then I receive call from my step-daughter telling me that she was looking for a DVD duplicator, I told her she could find it online and just a note she should know what she is looking for me. Because for me if I would buy like DVD duplication guide that is easy to understand. I think everybody knew that there are some guides now that are hard to follow and to understand and I even told her that if necessary they should have a  technician that any time she could call if she need it. Anyway, she ended up looking it online and I think she got one site that gets her attention. Anyway, my concern now is to get a CD printers since I do need it for my pictures and other stuff like a cd backup for my laptop in case something would happen. I have so much thing to do I don't know which one I would do first but as the saying goes take one step at a time!


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