I prefer hand dryers

Don't you know where the papers come from?? It's from a tree. I asked hubby first before I search it. And he told me that it comes from the tree pulps. Hmmm I was thinking that is a lot of trees if it just came from a pulp. But what ever it is if it is about trees I don't like the idea that we just don't recycle papers. People love to cut trees and don't bother to replace it. I remember when I was in elementary, high school and college every end of  school year one of our project is to plant trees. I have seen some of the trees that we planted and I am so proud of it. When I came here in the US I noticed that in any public places in there restroom there is always a choice of what to use a hand paper or  hand dryers of course I prefer hand dryers. Aside from saving trees from using too much paper, I felt it's more cleaner. And  I think if all business establishment use hand dryers over  hand papers they will save a lot of their operating cost expenses, how cool is that!!


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